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Winner of round 1

This past weekend we had a team word war between Clio and Erato. I have the results!

Team Clio wrote 6,726 words and Team Erato wrote 42,778 words.

The winner of round 1 is a Team Erato! But who will win the next round? Only time will tell.

Sign-Up Page

This is the sign-up page. How does it work? Well, we have three teams. Team Calliope, Team Clio, and Team Erato. When you sign-up you get placed into one team. If you were on a team last year and still want to be on that team, then you will get to be on that team. However, you must still sign-up! If you don't want to be on a team, do nothing.

To sign-up, all you do is reply to this post in the comments section, with the following information:

1. That you want to be on a team.

2. Whether you were on a team last year.

2(a). If you were on a team last year, tell me which one and whether or not you want to remain on it this year or be transferred to a different one.

3. Leave your NaNoWriMo username, or better yet, a link to your profile on the NaNo site.

Sign-ups close Oct.30th

Nanowrimo Stuff

How it works

How the teams work is we have three teams: Team Calliope, Team Clio and Team Erato. The teams compete with each other during NaNoWriMo. The winning team is the team with the highest percentage of people who reach 50,000 words (since that is the goal of NaNoWriMo). The teams will also compete in word wars for prizes and goodies. A lot of people have found that being on a team helps motivate them to reach that 50,000 word goal.

Do you have to be on a team? Well, no. There are some people who prefer not to be on a team and that's okay as well. I plan to have some individual contests as well.


I am also looking for sponsors! If you have a prize to donate, or have a service to offer, then email me at dobbin477@aol.com. Prizes can include gift certificates, icons, clothing, a critique of a novel. We've had some great prizes in the past like free paid livejournal for one year, jewelry, and books as well.

Also if you were on a team last year, you will be on the same team (that's if you want to), but you still have to sign-up when the page comes up.

Testing New Cross-Poster

Don’t mind this post. Just testing out a new cross-poster to LJ from WordPress. ~Amber

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Winner of Team Word War for this Round

This past weekend, we had a team word war with all teams competing.

Team Calliope wrote a total of 23,619 words.

Team Clio wrote a total of 24,625 words.

Team Erato wrote a total of 56,748 words.

The winner for this round is Team Erato!

Nov. 29th + Nov. 30th we'll have another round.

The winning team for the month will be decided by percentage of winners (i.e. everyone who has made it to 50K or over and verified - so with a purple bar!). Who will win? Only time will tell...
Nanowrimo Crap

Team Clio membership and reporting

It's been brought to my attention that people are having trouble accessing the Clio Community. Membership is moderated and we have only 2 maintainers, both of whom have been inactive for a couple years now. I've messaged the community owner to see if they will transfer ownership to me or at least make me a mod. LJ policy won't let me request ownership unless we start having spam and harassment issues with posts in the community.

To that end, I can either make a new community or you can feel free to message me or reply to this post if you need to report word counts for future word wars in the 2013 NaNoWriMo.

Let me know if you have a preference either way! Otherwise, Happy NaNo'ing!

Team Communities!

Team Communities are like the regional forums in the nano site. There is Team Calliope, Team Clio and Team Erato. Perhaps you're new and have just been assigned to one of these teams but don't know who they are. Well, drop on down. It's still early though and you may need an invite from the group to actually be a member, except for Erato. It is still super early. At least you know the communities are there and waiting.

Team Calliope: http://community.livejournal.com/team_calliope/

Team Clio: http://community.livejournal.com/team_clio/

Team Erato: http://community.livejournal.com/team_erato/

(In the past couple of years, we did have to merge two groups to create a new team. This year I'm trying not to let that happen, but if it does, it does. DON'T PANIC! We'll just do what we do in NaNo, ride that wave when it comes in! )


So yes, just like last year, Team Calliope and Team Clio will merge into Team Thalia. Which means if you are on Team Clio or Team Calliope you are now on Team Thalia.

The team community is here:


Your team reporter will be tinknevertalks. Also please decide who will be your backup reporter because it's always good to have a backup!

Team Members...may have to merge again!

Okay, I have the list of team members.

Team Calliope (9)

tinknevertalks -- {team reporter}

Team Clio (7)


Team Erato (12)


So as you can see from our roster, we may have to merge Team Calliope and Team Clio again into Team Thalia. Still two days for sign-ups, so I'll start shuffling the new people into Team Clio. If I have made an error, missed a name or misspelled a name or put somebody on the wrong tea, let me know!

Also we'll need Team Reporters. For those who don't know, Team Reporters, one from each team, will report to me the team word counts. Individual and then their team word count total. The winning team will be the team that has the most people with 50K or over by November 30th. Hopefully that makes sense. Any questions, let me know!

We also have team communities.

Team Clio

Team Calliope

Team Erato

Team Thalia

Team Thalia is the merged team of Team Calliope and Team Clio. Hopefully you're not all as confused as I am!
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Day Three Word Counts

It's Day Three, hopefully you're still on that surfboard and writing like the wind!

Don't forget Team Reporters to email me tomorrow with your team's word counts to be found on the NaNo site! If I remember correctly we have Kibet and Zurizip. I have to catch a bus in five minutes so I'll have to check on that later.

This weekend is also the team word war between Team Erato and Team Thalia. Can Erato defeat the joined forces of Team Thalia? Can the joined forces defeat the smugness of Team Erato? Only time and words will tell...

So what's your word count today?
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