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Either use this as a prompt or to get to know a character better. What happens when the person is told that they aren’t getting paid for work they’ve performed.

Please comment to let us know if this inspired you to write something.

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Testing New Cross-Poster

Don’t mind this post. Just testing out a new cross-poster to LJ from WordPress. ~Amber

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The Leprechaun Prizes What?

The leprechaun is said to be a mischievous fairy who keeps gold in a pot. At the end of a rainbow is where a person can find the pot of gold. Write about a leprechaun who prizes something else and keeps it in a pot at the end of the rainbow.

Please feel free to share your work with us but if you’d rather not, please just comment to let us know this inspired you. Good luck!

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A Month of Letters

Image Courtesy of morgueFile

Image Courtesy of morgueFile

It’s been pretty quiet around here, hasn’t it? Let’s shake things up a bit.

February is the ‘A Month of Letters‘ month. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Lettermo, I’ll explain — basically the idea is that you will write and send one letter for each weekday of the month AND you will also reply to all the letters you receive. Writing letters isn’t the same as writing fiction, obviously, but it is writing so I’m going to say it’s a valid thing to include in this community. And besides, who knows what kind of benefits your fiction writing could receive from your letter writing? I can think of a few…

  • Meeting new people
  • Learning how to stop everything else and focus on one thing
  • Relaxing and de-stressing
  • Did I mention slowing down and focusing on one thing? :)

We’re going to have two Lettermo-related challenges today that are going to (hopefully) get us writing and interacting with one another a bit more than we have been.

Challenge the First:

I challenge you to sign up for LetterMo. It’s a couple days in already, but don’t worry, you can catch up. Once you’re signed up, please comment with your username and/or a link to your Lettermo profile. Then lets start exchanging some letters!

I’ll get us started. My username is, creatively enough, ‘Rhonda‘ and if you follow that link it will take you to my profile page. From that page you can get my address, add me as a friend, message me, all sorts of fun stuff.


Challenge the Second:

Don’t want to send snail mail for whatever reason? That’s okay, I’ve got you covered.

How about one of your characters (an existing one or one you make up Right. Now.) exchanging letters with someone else’s character? This can be done via email or snail mail, however you prefer.

In order to get a partner check the comments on this post. If someone has commented and said they are looking for a partner to exchange letters written by their characters, reply to their comment to partner up. If you don’t see anyone looking for a partner, leave a comment telling the world you’re looking for one. Then, the next time someone comes by and checks for a partner they’ll see your comment and reply to partner up.

If we end up with an odd number of participants I will partner up with more than one person so no one will be left out.

Don’t miss out on this, it’ll be fun!

~ Rhonda

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It’s All About the Picture, dudes.

I have a bit of a problem. It’s an addiction to stock photography. What that means to you is that a lot of my prompts this year are going to be photo prompts. For those of you who don’t do well with photo prompts I’ll also try to add some other kinds too, but for today, it’s all about the picture, dudes.

I challenge you to use the following photograph as the inspiration for a story or poem:


Photo courtesy of morgueFile

If you do take me up on this challenge, please leave a note/comment so I’ll know. It will help me pick prompts in the future that will appeal to the greatest possible number of NaNoLJers, plus, you never know it, might just spark a conversation in the comments, which could liven this place up a tad ;)

~ Rhonda

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