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L J NaNoWriMos

Revel in the insanity!

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Through NaNoWriMo and Beyond!
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Writing through NaNoWriMo and beyond.
November is very intense month for those of us doing NaNoWriMo and it helps to have people around to encourage you, to vent to, and to just know that you are not alone :)

**This group often deals with mature themes. I don't recommend it for anyone under 18**

Once upon a time this was a totally open community for all LJer's who are doing NaNoWriMo, then it grew from about 200 members to more than 1200 members in less than a week. Along with that growth came a lot of changes -- including rules and a new 'moderated' status for the month of November.

When the group was small we encouraged everyone to tag post introduction and word count posts, now that is impractical. It is critical that you read and obey the rules or this community can not function smoothly.

I've started taking offense at people joining, spamming other writing communities and leaving, so I'm no longer allowing advertising without messaging me for permission first. Sorry. The exception to this rule is that you may post links to your published stories/poems/books etc. upon their release. One post each piece.

We assume that everyone joining this community will use their common sense, so we've only got four 'rules' for now, it would be great if we never had to change that :)

Rule number one: If you post novel excerpts please keep them short and put them behind a cut.
Rule number two: No spam.
Rule number three: Constructive criticism only. *Remember that as a general rule it's good to point out things the author did well, as well as those that need improvement. No one can get better if all we do is say positives, but no one will be encouraged to try if all they hear are negatives.*
Rule number four: In order to prevent the community from eating people's f-lists -- no posting introduction posts. You can just jump in to the fun and we'll get to know you that way rather than by reading a meme-style intro or your bio. Thank you.

During the NaNo-less months we'll be having multiple writing exercises a week provided by myself (rhondaparrish) and dogzilla30. We'll also have the word of the week on Wednesdays and occasional contests.

NaNoLJers hosts a month long writing challenge called Writo de Mayo in May. For that months the same rules will apply as in November. You can find out more about Writo de Mayo and sign up for the 2011 version here

We hope that through these exercises and a lot of encouragement and camaraderie we'll all manage to keep writing all year long, and reach our own personal writing goals, whatever they may be.

You can check out some of our past exercises here:

Challenges -- NaNo related or otherwise. Are you up to a challenge?
Compositions -- Here we'll offer you a picture and challenge you to tell us a story that is inspired by it.
Contests -- Contests, contests and more contests! Some hosted by us, some by other people. Remember, never enter a contest that requires an entry fee unless it's by a reputable company like Writer's Digest.
Drabbles -- 100 words exactly, drabbles are fun and can be challenging too. Check them out!
Exercises -- A large and always growing selection of exercises to get your creative juices flowing and help you continue to improve your writing.
Poetry -- Learn about different types of poetry, read other people's or try one of our poetry-related challenges
Story Starters -- Stuck for a way to start your story? Maybe these will inspire you :)
Word of the Week -- Our word of the week challenge is a fun one. Check out these words and then write a story inspired by one of them :)

We've also got a continually added-to thread of NaNoWriMo Advice you may find worth reading (or just check out everything posted under our advice tag.

For the months of May and November we have a few additional rules:
1. Each day will be a word count topic. If you'd like to share your word count do it by commenting in that topic only. Only, only. I can't stress this enough.

2. Each day I will also post an excerpt topic. If you'd like to share an excerpt please do it by commenting in that topic only. Only, only. Again, I can't stress this enough.

For the month of May and November excerpts and word count posts that are not where they belong will be deleted.

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