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Day Nineteen Word Counts

It's Monday, the start of a new week, and hopefully the weekend helped you catch up or get ahead. We're almost into the fourth week, and week 2 is long gone! How did you do today?

Day Eighteen Word Counts

It's Day Eighteen! It's Sunday the end of the weekend but hopefully you've written a lot or a decent amount to ready for the upcoming week! How much did you write today?

Day Seventeen Word Counts

It's Day Seventeen and it's Saturday! Great time to get those words in! Still time to catch up if you're behind and if you're ahead, great time to continue that momentum. How did you do today?

Day Sixteen Word Counts

It's Day Sixteen and Friday, so the weekend is coming up! This is the time to gain some momentum and catch up or get ahead! We're in week 3 so hopefully things are now coming together! How did you do today?

Day Fifteen Word Counts

It's Day Fifteen and we're moving into the weekend. Hopefully you are starting to gain momentum now in this third week! Don't give up yet because this is when things get good. How did you do today?

Day Fourteen Word Counts

It's Day Fourteen and we're into week 3! Week 2 has ended, so hopefully you are really moving now with those words! So how did you do today?

Day Thirteen Word Counts

It's Day Thirteen! Almost ready for the third week, so hopefully you have some momentum going. How did you do today?

Day Twelve Word Counts

It's Day Twelve and hopefully your week is starting off well! How did you do today?

Day Eleven Word Counts

It's Day Eleven! Hopefully your Sunday went well and you were able to get some words in. Third week is coming up, so things should go much better if they aren't already!

Day Ten Word Counts

It's Day Ten! Hope you're still with us. It's only the second week and it might seem tough but it will get better. Also it is the weekend, a lot time to catch up! So how you do today?


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