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Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-One

It's Day 21! I'm happy to say I'm caught up at 35K finally! How is your progress going?

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty

It's Day Twenty! I'm happy to say I've passed the 30K mark now. Now I just have to catch up. How is your Saturday going?

Writo de Mayo Day Nineteen

It's Friday today and I have written anything. Hope you had better progress than I have? I'm hoping to get some writing done tomorrow since it is Saturday and maybe I can catch up!

Writo de Mayo Day Eighteen

It's Day Eighteen. I did write today but I don't remember how much. I'm still behind but I'm catching up. How are you doing?

Writo de Mayo Day Seventeen

It's Day Seventeen of Writo de Mayo! I can't remember how much I wrote today, but I passed the 25K mark. Was going to write some more tonight, but I'm not feeling too well, so might write some more tomorrow morning. How did your day go today?

Writo de Mayo Day Sixteen

Haven't written yet today. Hopefully tonight I can get something written. Hopefully the past couple of days have been better for you.

Writo de Mayo Day Fifteen

I didn't write yesterday! I'm not too far behind. How about you? Are you still on track?

Writo de Mayo Day Fourteen

It's Day Fourteen, almost halfway! Hopefully you're still making progress. I didn't write anything today, but I'm pretty much covered from yesterday!

Writo de Mayo Day Thirteen

It's Day Thirteen, and I've made really great progress. I just realized I've written today's quota as well as tomorrow's as well! Hope your weekend is just as good! Happy Mother's Day for those celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow!

Writo de Mayo Day Twelve

Today is Day 12 and hopefully you got some writing or progress in since it's Friday! I managed to get my daily quota and have passed the 20K mark. I'm on track. Tomorrow is Saturday and it's the weekend. Yes, it is Mother's Day Weekend, but Mother's Day is Sunday so that means Saturday is a good time to buckle down and get some stuff done!


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