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Day Twenty Word Counts

It's Day Twenty! 10 more days until NaNo ends, can't believe it went by that fast, but keep writing, you're almost there! If you've gotten to 50K, don't forget to validate your novel. Validation has opened today! Instructions on validation is on the NaNo web page. Basically copy and paste your novel to the empty space they provide. You'll see it once you click validate, but you'll get it. I recommend making a copy of your novel before you validate. Anyway, keep writing, you're all doing great!


Day Nineteen Word Counts

It's Day Nineteen! The second last weekend before the end of NaNo, so hopefully you are making it a good one! Saturday is a great time to spend it writing. Unless you've slept in, but even then you'll still have a lot of time to write!

Day Eighteen Word Counts

Today is Day Eighteen and it is Friday! Great news for a lot of us because that means the weekend is coming up and that means more writing time! Have you booked up off early today so you can get in some extra writing time? Taken an extra lunch, so you page can fill up more words? Today is the day where you can start to get a jump ahead or play catch up!

Day Seventeen Word Counts

It's past the halfway point and almost at the time of the weekend, as well as week 3, so now is the time when things are really happening in your novel. Words are exploding on the page and characters are finally moving! With that said, how did you do tonight? Have you completed your daily goal or gone beyond?

Day Sixteen Word Counts

It's Day Sixteen! The middle of the work week as well. Hopefully you're on your way to halfway. Seems like a lifetime since we got to this day. Only two weeks left after this week, so make the most of it!

Day Fifteen Word Counts

Can you believe we are already halfway? Today is the halfway point and is where you can tell if you are behind or ahead. 25,000 words should be your word count. If it's greater that's great, you know you're doing well, and if it's shorter than 25K, then you know you need to pick it up, but being week 3, the story will start to pick itself up and you'll be halfway and probably ahead in no time. This is the week when things start to really happen!

Day Fourteen Word Counts

And as we come to the end of week 2, do you feel the words starting to flow again? Week 3 is coming upon us and this is the time when things will build momentum, this is the time the word counts will start to jump. So keep writing and continue to be surprised at the pace that your novel builds!

Day Thirteen Word Counts

It's Day Thirteen, Sunday, and good news, it's the last day of Week 2 and now is the time that things will really start to take shape and your novel will hop once again, so keep at it! If you're struggling to write, write something, no matter how little or big, as long as you keep writing, you'll get more words. So make this last day of the weekend a big one, and make it count! You'll be surprised at what you can accomplish!

Day Twelve Word Counts

It's Saturday today and hopefully after a nice holiday you've taken the day to write even more! The good thing about this weekend is it's the last part of week 2 which means your story is most likely coming together again, and if not, it should within week 3. So don't give up yet, it's still not over. Almost half way there!


Day Eleven Word Counts

Time flies so fast, I can't even believe it's Day 11! Are your words piling up so much that you're forgetting what day it is? Hopefully as you take time to write, you also take time in your day to remember those who have fought for the country. It was also Friday, a holiday, so I'm sure many took advantage to up their word count too!



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