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Day Thirty Word Counts

It's the last day today! Day Thirty and can you believe it's already the last day? Seems like just yesterday when we began this journey, but here it is, and now it's almost over. Keep writing, even if you are behind, you might get to your goal or you might fall short but the important thing is how much you can accomplish just this one day because after today it's all over until next year. See you at the finish line!


Day Twenty-Nine Word Counts

It's Day Twenty-Nine! Keep writing if you're still writing and if you've made it to 50K, congratulations!

Day Twenty-Eight Word Counts

Wow, can you believe it's Monday today? Only two days left after this one, so make it the best three days you can. This is it. If you are behind, you can still catch up. Their have been miracles in the last few days! Those of you reaching the finish line, don't forget to validate and celebrate.

Day Twenty-Seven Word Counts

Today is Day Twenty Seven! And it's a Sunday. The last day of the last weekend in November so take advantage of it and write as much as you can. After that, just three days left. This week, it's time to hit home and really get those words going. So keep writing! And if you're done, don't forget to validate.

Day Twenty-Six Word Counts

It's Day Twenty Six today! A Saturday, so plenty of time to write. We're onto the last weekend so make it the best of November! Just focus on today and how much you can write. Tomorrow is another day!

Day Twenty-Five Word Counts

We're coming up on the last weekend before the end of NaNo and people are starting to coast to 50K and verify! Don't forget to verify when you hit 50K, that way you get a nice purple bar. Still plenty of time to write if you're behind, you have a full weekend ahead. A lot can be done in one day, and even two or three!

Day Twenty-Four Word Counts

What else has twenty-four? The hours in a day! Imagine all you can do in 24 hours, or all you can write! Have you taken a day just for yourself? This might be a good week to do that. Just have one day where you can really focus and write. We're getting closer to the finish line, keep writing!

Day Twenty-Three Word Counts

It's Day Twenty Three and can you believe it's only one week left? That's right, this is the last week, when things start to come to a close and a lot of us are nearing 50K. For those who are behind, there is still time. This is the week to give it all you got, so make it special!

Day Twenty-Two Word Counts

It's Day 22! Now is the time things are starting to come together and your novel is ready for the close, for the end. 50K is just around the corner! Those of you who are behind and think the end will never come, you'll be surprised at the miracles that happen near the end. I've seen people at 25K this time, write 25K in the last week to get 50K. It's not impossible! If you believe it, it will come true!

Day Twenty -One Word Counts

It's Day Twenty One! Can you believe only 9 days until NaNo is over? Hopefully you're on your way to the homestretch. Just this week, one more weekend, and a few more days. It's been a long journey! Keep writing!


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