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The Unmasking

Writing Prompt for today: an unmasking or unveiling. Is your villain going to do a monologue about her evil plans? Or does your superhero become exposed? Or what about that liar down the street who is nicknamed “Chicken Little”? Or maybe your protagonist has been sneaking off to make pottery. Write all about it and feel free to share with us!

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Writo de Mayo Day Thirty-One

Today is the last day for Writo de Mayo this year and hopefully you were able to accomplish what you've set out to accomplish! And that you've had fun as well. I know I did!

Writo de Mayo Day Thirty

Happy Memorial Day! The good news is it's not the last day. You have this day and the next until it's over. Who says you can't eat a barbecued hamburger at your computer?


Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Nine

It's Memorial weekend so hopefully you are making this time a time to catch up or finish up. With just a couple of days left you may want to give up, but keep working at it, you never know what may happen.

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Eight

I'm happy to say that I've reached my goal. Just three more days and this month will be over so make the best of it. It's also a long weekend! Lots of time to finish up!

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Seven

Made some good progress. If I keep up the current pace, I may be done tomorrow. How about you? Are you just about completed your goal or goals for this month?

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Six

Today was a tough one for me, but I managed to get a bit done. If you didn't get much progress today, don't worry, Friday is coming up and then the weekend to really get that last bit done. Don't stop now, you're almost there.

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Five

It's Day twenty-five! Hope you're still with us! Six days left. Are you close to being done?

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-four

How did you do on Monday? I made a lot of progress and hopefully you did too!

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Three

Monday was a surprising day for me productive-wise. I have 15k left to write. Hopefully, you're doing well? We're venturing into the last week of Writo de Mayo. Good luck to us all!


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