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Writo de Mayo Day Thirty-One

And that's a wrap! It's June 1st today, but yesterday was the last day and hopefully you made it your best one! Whether you reached your goal or you didn't reach your goal, congratulations for working so hard this month! Now that it's June you can reward yourself with movies, summer, and Netflix. Or maybe you have a work-in-progess? Whatever your goals are, hope you had fun this past May and we'll see you later!

Writo de Mayo Day Thirty

Not exactly the last day because it's May and you still have one more day! I imagine a lot of you have reached your goal, so congratulations! For those who haven't, you still have one more day! Good luck!

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Nine

It's Day Twenty Nine, only two days left after today! Hope you're wrapping things up for the month! I've been watching TV all day!

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Eight

It's Day Twenty Eight! Hopefully you're seeing the end. Only a few days left!

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Seven

Well, I'm happy to say that I've reached 50K. I didn't think it would happen this soon, there were times I wondered if it would even happen, but I made it. How about you? Have you made your goal? If you have made your goal, have you set new ones, or you just celebrating your victory?

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Six

It's Day twenty six and I can't believe it, but I've written 7k today. I'm now at 47K so I'm almost at my goal. How about you? Do you see the end in sight?

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Five

For Day Twenty Five I haven't written anything. How about you? Have you made any progress today?

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Four

It's Day 24 and I'm happy to say I've passed the 40K mark! I'm almost there. How about you? Are you almost at your goal?

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Three

It's Day Twenty-Three! I haven't written today but it's still the middle of the afternoon. Hopefully you've accomplished a lot today? So far we've had one person reach their goal! Hooray!

Writo de Mayo Day Twenty-Two

A busy day for me today, but I managed to still be on track today. How about you? How did your day go today?


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